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Update #9 Where's the Bell? (2.27.1)

Elevator enclosures can be equipped with various types of stop switches to remove the electric power from the driving‑machine motor and brake of an electric elevator and from the pump motor and operating valves of an electrohydraulic elevator. Only one of the switches requires the audible signaling device (bell, buzzer, twetter, chirper, etc.) to sound.

The three different switches and their characteristics are:

Emergency stop switch (See ~ A17.1-2004)

Firefighter's stop switch (See ~ A17.1-2004)

In-car stop switch (See ~ A17.1-2004)

As you can see, only the emergency stop switch on freight elevators is required to sound the audible signaling device when in the open ("STOP") position.

The emergency communications requirements have been rewritten in the A17.1-2004 code. Hopefully, these slightly more stringent requirements will offset the absence of a signaling device on passenger elevators. The next update will delve into this topic.

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