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 Joy "I can pinch pretty hard!"  JoyJoy

Joy - Phoenix, Az.


 Brianna "I like these things!"

Brianna - Carlsbad, Ca.


 Matthew "elevatorbob? I thought he was papabob!"

Matthew - Phoenix, Az.


 Andrew "I never knew papabob was this smart!"

Andrew - Phoenix, Az.


 Frankie "Where am I!"

Frankie - Carlsbad, Ca.


 Jimmy Walker "Dy-No-Mite!"

Jimmy "JJ" Walker - Hollywood, Ca.


 Elisha G. Otis "Bravo!"

Elisha G. Otis - Yonkers, NY.


 Homer "Doh!"

Homer - Springfield, USA


 President Bush " to keep our country free!"

President Bush - Washington, DC


 Phil "This site is absolutely indispensable to me!"

Phil - Indio, Ca.


 Herbie "Bonjour...Je t'aime!"

Herbie - Paris, France


 Ann "When I think of vertical transportation inspections...I think elevatorbob!"

Ann - Washington, DC


 Munky "This sums up my sentiments pretty well..."

Munky - Arcata, Ca.


 Albert Einstein "Wundervoll aufzugsinspektion!"

Albert Einstein - Germany


 Rush Limbaugh "elevatorbob - Excellence in Elevator Inspecting!"

Rush Limbaugh - Excellence in Broadcasting Compound - Florida, USA


 Glenn Beck "I'm not an elevator inspector but I am a thinker...use elevatorbob for your vertical transportation inspections!"

Glenn Beck - New York, New York


 Bart Simpson "Sorry 'bout that wedgie elevatorbob!"

Bart - Springfield, USA


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Incidentally, if you were looking for a Bob other than elevatorbob...try this page!


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