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The Hydraulic Elevator Spring Buffer Reaction Calculator is a handy program that you just can't be without! Metric values can be calculated as well.

 Hydraulic Elevator Spring Buffer Reaction Calculator

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Here is a simple program used to calculate hydraulic elevator motor horsepower. I have tried to design the user interface to accommodate as many folks as possible. Let me know if I've been successful!

 Hydraulic Motor Horsepower Calculator

This graghic of the menu item Help/Formula explains the basic formula and one of the variants of this formula.

 Hydraulic Motor Horsepower Calculator

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I designed the Hydraulic Properties Calculator to provide 6 different calculators. The static pressure calculator will provide a ballpark estimate of the working pressure. Many times the gauge being used to determine the working and relief pressures is off by as much as 100 psi. An estimate of the system static pressure is a good way of determining a faulty gauge or possible errors in the estimated weights.

 Hydraulic Properties Calculator

The flow rate portion of the program will provide you with the system flow rate for a particular speed as well as the plunger displacement. The other 4 calculators are: Diameter of Plunger, Plunger Displacement, Load on Plunger(s) and Up Speed/Rated Load.

 Hydraulic Properties Calculator

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Some of us are still having trouble calculating the minimum top and bottom runby on hydraulic elevators...this should help.

 Hydraulic Elevator Runby Calculator

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