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If you install escalators you may find this interesting. This program calculates the different rated loads. It also has a separate section for right-angled triangles...and who doesn't like triangles?!

 Escalator Rated Load Calculator

 Escalator Rated Load Calculator

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This simple program will display all of the screen and printer/fax fonts on your machine.

 Display Your Fonts

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If you do any HTML/XHTML coding this simple program may be helpful. These are the 216 colors that are supposed to be browser-safe, meaning, they should work on all types of browsers. ( Of course, if they aren't working on your monitor right now...that's a load! )The hexadecimal number is saved to your clipboard at the click of your mouse and is ready to be placed into your code. Even if you don't do any looks nice!

 Browser-Safe Palette

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Did you know there are over 16 million colors available to you on the average computer? Download this program and count them!

 Color Form

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Need to convert something? This multidimensional program can handle the job. 14 different categories are available.

 Convert This!!

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This calculator allows you to save your work and add text. You can print or fax out the results. Handy for proving problems mathematically and saving/sending the results. You must have the file RICHTX32.ocx installed on your hard drive for the program to work properly. If you need this file e‑mail me and I will send it to you.

 Fax Me the Facts Calculator

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The Stopwatch and Countdown Timer comes in handy for timing door or car travel. The countdown timer can be used during a static load test or for any other event requiring a predetermined amount of time.

 Stopwatch & Countdown Timer

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Here's a program I call the Memory Ticker. As you can see it will display hard drive and physical memory totals - in use as well as available. It seems to only work with Windows XP and 2000. I like to keep it running in the background and minimized so that I can see how much memory is being used as I open and close programs. You'd be surprised how much memory is "locked-up" after you close a program. (Not my programs...of course!)

 Memory Ticker

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Like to play in the office football pools? Don't know who to pick? Use this program. I use it all the time...winning isn't everything!

 Football Picks

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