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Update #8 More On Disconnecting Means (2.26.4)

Requirements for disconnecting means include (See 620.51 NEC-2005):

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620.51(A) allows an exception for wheelchair lift disconnecting means. "Where an individual branch circuit supplies a wheelchair lift, the disconnecting means required by 620.51(C)(4) shall be permitted to comply with 430.109(C). This disconnecting means shall be listed and shall be capable of being locked in the open position."

For motors of 2 horsepower or less this exception allows the use of a general‑use snap switch where the motor full-load current rating is not more than 80 percent of the ampere rating of the switch. (See 430.109(C) NEC-2005)

The disconnect could end up looking like this:

 General-use snap switch and lockout

 4 disconnects

The 4 enclosed and externally operable switches displayed above are typical of the type normally used in the vertical transportation industry.

 1 disconnect  1 disconnect

The 2 enclosed and externally operable switches displayed above are atypical of the type normally used in the vertical transportation industry, however, they do fulfill all of the requirements for disconnecting means. These switches are generally rated for no more than 240 VAC 1PH 60A duty which would be adequate for platform lifts, dumbwaiters, and most private residence elevators. C is the pull-out block which can be either a set of contacts or a set of contacts and the fuses. B is the interior trim. The wiring, lugs, and fuses (if not on the pull-out block) are located behind this trim.

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